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specialized invoicing for equestrian businesses

With the input of dozens of equestrian businesses, we've built BarnManager Pro to make invoicing, getting, paid, and analyzing your income simple and accurate for barns of all sizes. 

Quick invoice creation

We've tailored invoice creation to meet the specific demands of equestrian businesses such as assigning charges to a specific horse, one-click to add your saved Monthly Recurring Charges, splitting charges across multiple clients and/or horses across multiple invoices, viewing Events, Records, and Lists for horses on an invoice and much more. 

automated recurring invoices

Speed up your invoicing with Auto-Recurring invoices. The invoice is generated automatically on your schedule, leaving you time to review and edit it before sending.

Safe and secure payments

We've partnered with Stripe and Equestrian Payment Solutions to bring you the most competitive rates and safe and secure payments.

easy quickbooks integration

Sync your invoices and payments with a new or existing Quickbooks Online account to avoid any double entry and keep your accounts up to date.

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