Six Household Items To Use at the Barn This Winter

Riding or working in a barn during cold winter weather is never an easy task. Read about some of BarnManager’s favorite winter hacks using products you can find in your own home.

1. Crockpot

A crockpot or slow cooker is very helpful to have at the barn when the temperatures are below freezing. They do a great job of keeping water warm for grooming or cleaning tack if you do not have access to hot water. You can also dip your horse’s bit into the crockpot before putting the bridle on to make it more comfortable for your horse.

2. Hairdryer

Even if your horse is clipped, they can often get sweaty after a ride. You always want to make sure your horse is dry before putting their blanket on, which sometimes can take a while. Bring your hairdryer from home to speed up the process. If you do a combination of blow-drying and toweling, your horse will be dry in no time.


3. Rubbing Alcohol

This winter hack is also for quickly drying your horse’s coat after a ride so they do not catch a chill. Put rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, apply it to your horse’s coat, and then towel off the area. Alcohol evaporates quickly and also takes the water with it so your horse will dry off a lot faster. By the time you finish cleaning your tack, your horse will be dry and ready for their blanket.

4. Cooking Spray

If you live in an area where it snows a lot, you might want to bring some cooking spray to the barn. Horses often have balls of snow and ice form on the bottoms of their feet when they are turned out in the snow, which can make walking uncomfortable. Apply cooking spray to your horse’s feet after picking them out to prevent the ice balls from forming.

5. Vacuum

Since giving a bath during the winter is often not an option, getting your horse clean can be a difficult task, especially if you are trying to get ready for a horse show. Some barns have horse vacuums to help, but if your barn does not you can always use your vacuum from home. This hack may not be for every horse, but if your mount is brave enough then you can run a vacuum over them using the brush attachment to get rid of dirt and hair.

6. Dryer Sheets

Accidentally shocking your horse because of static electricity during the winter is never a pleasant experience. Before you put the blanket back on your horse, rub them and the liner of their blanket with a dryer sheet to get rid of static electricity. You can also rub it through their mane and tail to prevent any shocking.

Start searching your house for some of these useful items to bring to the barn for an easier and more enjoyable winter experience.

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