How To Revamp Your Tack Room With BarnManager

Tack rooms are important areas of every barn for several reasons. They are not only where equipment is stored, but are often places where clients and employees spend time. Since people tend to congregate in areas like tack rooms, why not make them organized and comfortable spots to hang out? Continue reading for a few fun ways to restyle your tack room from BarnManager.

Purge Unused Items

The first step in any redecorating, remodeling, or organizing project is to clear out unused items. Even if you recently got rid of old equipment and supplies, chances are good that more things have started to pile up. Once you have thrown out all the unneeded things, focus on organizing and storing the equipment that needs to stay. Doing this task regularly in every area that accumulates clutter over time will go a long way toward keeping your barn looking tidy and welcoming.

Pick a Style

Once you have gotten rid of all the unnecessary items in your tack room, start thinking about a style or theme to follow during the makeover. Although this sounds complicated, it can be something as simple as picking a predominant color or two. Choosing a theme will give you a vision and help with decision-making during the revamping process.

Repaint Wooden Furniture

Repainting or staining wooden trunks, saddle racks, tables, or desks is an easy way to give your tack room a fresh, updated look. Buying new furniture may not be an option so retouching those wooden pieces is a more affordable way to go. Recruit some barnmates to help since painting projects can be time-consuming.

Look for Used Items

Adding a table, chairs, or cabinet to your tack room can make the area more comfortable and functional. If you are thinking about adding new furniture or replacing something, consider going to a tag sale or looking for used pieces online. Even if the items need a fresh coat of paint, they are still less expensive than buying new. Double-check measurements to avoid accidentally buying something that does not fit in the space.


Once all the furniture is organized you can start decorating the room. Consider adding an area rug or carpet to make the space more welcoming. Make sure the carpet is easy to clean. Pick a darker color that will hide dirt or footing. Another way to decorate your tack room is to hang up ribbons. Depending on the size of the space and what you have hanging on the walls already, the ribbons could be displayed around the whole room or just in one area. Photos can also help decorate the walls. Print out your favorite shots from horse shows or around the barn and invest in nice frames. Lastly, consider purchasing a vase and flowers, real or fake, to brighten the room.

You do not have to be an interior designer to do a tack room makeover. If you make a plan ahead of time and find a few friends to help, it does not need to be overwhelming. Remember to keep it simple, have fun, and soon enough everyone will enjoy the benefit of a comfortable place to hang out in the barn!

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A Spring Cleaning Checklist

Your Barn Spring Cleaning Checklist

The weather is finally warming up across the country, which means it’s time to open the barn windows and get out the cleaning supplies! The fresh start that spring brings is the perfect opportunity to clean and organize not only your home, but also your barn, your tack, and your horse.

Here are a few things that we recommend checking off your spring cleaning list!

Tack and equipment

Get to the bottom of your tack trunk. When was the last time that you actually took everything out of your trunk? Whether you’re coming off a winter show circuit or just gearing up for your first show of the season, the spring is a great opportunity to take everything out of your trunk, deep clean, re-organize, and maybe even re-locate that glove you thought was long lost!

Evaluate, eliminate, and replace tack as needed. As you’re going through your tack trunk, also evaluate all of your tack and equipment. If there’s something that you no longer need or want, consider donating it to a horse rescue or therapeutic program or taking it to a local equine consignment shop. Now is also the time to replace any broken or overly-used tack or equipment or stock up on new items for the summer.

Send blankets out for cleaning and repair. By the end of the winter, it’s likely that your horse’s sheets and blankets are in need of a deep cleaning! Depending on your area, some exceptional blanket cleaning services are available to clean and repair your blankets and then carefully wrap and pack them for safe keeping until cooler weather returns.

Your horse

Get spring vaccinations. Make sure that your horse is up to date on all vaccines and has a recent coggins test.

Have those teeth checked. While your vet is there for vaccinations, or if you use an equine dentist, now is the time to have them float your horse’s teeth and check for any potential dental issues.

Stock up on fly repellant products. In most parts of the country, the onset of warmer weather also means the onset of more flies! Stock up on fly sprays and any fly masks or sheets.

Around the barn

Check your fire extinguishers. If you have your own barn, your spring cleaning check list can grow immensely! Consider including things like checking your fire extinguishers or

having them serviced. Don’t have a fire extinguisher? Add getting one to your spring list, as every barn should have at least one!

Clean out gutters and downspouts. Clear out any leaves or build-up that may have accumulated over the fall and winter months.

Inspect your pastures. Walk the perimeter of all pastures to check the fencing and locate any weak or broken spots. Thoroughly clean any run-in sheds, and walk your fields and fill in any holes.

Have BarnManager help!

BarnManager makes it easy to simplify your spring cleaning and organization!

After your horse gets its spring vaccines, snap a picture of the shot records, and upload it straight to your horse’s profile in the BarnManager app!

Have a long list of spring cleaning to-dos? Make the list within BarnManager and even share it with fellow barn members, clients, or staff to assign tasks or accomplish the to-do list together!

Plan your spring and summer show schedule directly within BarnManager’s calendar for easy access by everyone within your barn!

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Liv’s Tip of the Month – 8 Spring Cleaning Must-dos for Your Barn

Liv’s Tip of the Month

Time to do a few things around the farm to get ready for warmer weather!

horse rolling in the flowers

  • Have a professional check your electrical wiring, especially if you use fans in warmer weather.
  • Clean, repair, and carefully store your winter blankets.
  • Take your trailer in for yearly service, including tire safety and braking systems checks.
  • Clean out your grooming supply buckets – all of that spring shed hair loves to collect in there!
  • Schedule your spring vaccinations (BarnManager can be very helpful with this!)
  • Implement a tick control program.
  • Collect manure samples for a worm check from your vet’s office.
  • Clean and condition tack, as well as double checking stitching and buckles.

BarnManager can help you make your spring cleaning list, set due dates, and assign tasks to your team members. To try a free trial of our barn management software click here. Then go out and embrace the fact that spring is finally here! Time to celebrate riding without those huge winter jackets!

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