Go Digital: 4 Ways to Simplify Your Next Sale or Lease

Whether you are the lessee or the lessor, or the buyer or the seller, you want your next horse transaction to be a positive experience for all involved, including the horse.

If you’re the seller or lessor, you want to know that the horse is going to a good home where they’ll receive high quality of care. If you’re the buyer or leesee, you likely want to acclimate to the new relationship quickly, and no matter what side you’re on, you probably want everything to be well-organized and as simple as possible.

All of these factors were important to us at BarnManager and to our users, which is why we’ve worked to make it easier to simplify your next sale or lease by going digital!

Here are our top four ways that you can use BarnManager to improve your next sale or lease experience, with insight from Stacia Klein Madden of Beacon Hill Show Stables on how she puts them to use.

1. Utilize “discharge reports.” – If you’ve bought or sold horses in the past, you likely know that those transactions also mean the gathering, organizing, and transferring of a lot of important paperwork and information, from registration papers to medical records to feed and training notes.

BarnManager allows users to store all that information – including vaccination history, farrier records, feed and supplement information, and more – within the cloud-based software. So, when it comes time to pass it all along to a new owner or leaser, it only takes one click of the “download discharge report” button.

This feature, included on the “horse details” page, automatically and rapidly pulls all the horse’s basic information and registrations, the dates of the last farrier and dental appointments, and the names and dates of vaccinations and dewormers from the last 12 months into one PDF. You also have the option to include all veterinary records and any notes or additional information, such as tack and equipment preferences or turnout instructions.

With the PDF document created, you can then quickly and easily share the file digitally or print off a copy for the horse’s new owner or caretaker.

“It’s really important to me that, when I send a horse out, I’m sending as much information about the way that I’ve cared about that horse in the past,” said Madden, who utilizes the discharge report feature when horses are sold out of her Beacon Hill Show Stables. “That way, those people can have the same information if they choose to care for the horse in the same way. I don’t like it to be a science experiment. We’re able to send a horse out with the feed listed, the vet care listed, the dental records, the vaccines, and any special instructions.”

2. Sync horses’ health information and US Equestrian records to one location. – Thanks to a collaboration and partnership between BarnManager and US Equestrian, users also have the option to sync up their horses’ US Equestrian registration and show records with the horse’s BarnManager profile. This means that there’s no need to look in multiple locations for information, it’s all in one spot, right at your fingertips.

3. Streamline your lease records and make them accessible from anywhere. – Madden was instrumental in encouraging our team to incorporate a horse lease record feature within BarnManager, and now you can use it to streamline your lease records and make them accessible from anywhere.

“We have a tremendous amount of horses out on lease,” said Madden. “I’m always having to look up the paper leases to look and see their start date, their determination date, and any special terms and a buyout. This is now accessible as part of BarnManager, to the point that now any one of my team members would be able to pull up a horses’ lease and find the specifics.”

The lease record feature allows you to quickly add in pertinent lease details and attached copies of signed contracts so that they are available for reference at any time from your phone or computer. You can also add the new lessee to your BarnManager team and grant them access to view the same lease record information.

These records also integrate seamlessly with our next sales and lease streamlining tool: BarnManager’s calendar and reminders.

4. Schedule appointments and important reminders. – “We’re able to add [lease end] reminders onto the calendar and get email notifications,” said Madden.

In addition to dates and reminders correlated with lease records, the calendar is ideal for housing veterinary schedules, vaccination reminders that can be set based on past vaccine history, horse trial appointments, and more.

To try out these helpful features, schedule a live demo and start your free, two-week BarnManager trial here! Happy horse shopping and selling!

BarnManager is designed to be a part of your team, with the compatibility and credentials necessary to improve communication, simplify the management of horses, and get you out of the office, off the phone calls, and into the barn with the horses you care about! Click here to get a free demo and find out more!

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