Liv’s Tip of the Month – Laminitis Signs

Liv’s Tip of the Month
Laminitis is not just a springtime issue – although it seems to be more common in the spring, it can happen year round! Here are some sure-fire signs your horse needs a vet – pronto!
  • An increased digital pulse at the fetlock. This means something is brewing in the hoof.
  • A reluctance to walk or turn. This is easy to see when asking your horse to step from a padded stall to a harder surface.
  • Heat in the hooves – again, this means something is brewing and should be looked at.
  • A mild colic or symptoms of a mild colic. Sometimes pain in the hooves mimics pain in the gut.
  • A curling or wiggling of the horse’s upper lip. Some horses show the flehmen response when in pain.

Stay ahead of the curve and check your horse for these symptoms, including heat in the hooves and a digital pulse, every single day!

BarnManager can help you catch these issues early by giving you an on-the-go way to record and track these symptoms for every horse on your phone through our mobile app. Sign up for a free trial of our horse management software here.

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